• Great turnout to hear Ambassador Singh
  • Ambassador Singh speaks on U.S./India relations
  • Ambassador Singh addresses the audience
  • Photo op with Ambassador Singh & Bryan Stewart
  • Raj Soin meets with Sham Reddy
  • Ambassador Singh meets with Dave Larson - DDN
  • Ambassador Singh meets with an attendee
  • Vishal Soin meets with Sham Reddy
  • Ambassador Singh meets with Ohio Rep Niraj Antani & Rachael Goodspeed - Vectren

On November 9, 2015 we had a great turnout at the Government Affairs Breakfast to meet India's H. E. Ambassador Arun K. Singh.  Ambassador Singh spoke on the importance of relations between the U.S. and India.

No on Issue 3 - Thank You


The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce applauds Ohio voters for shutting down a proposal that would create a marijuana monopoly.

  “Defeat of State Issue 3 was a great decision by Ohio’s voters,” said Phil Parker, President & CEO of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. “This was the most self-serving and detrimental proposal I have seen in my lifetime here in Ohio.”

  The Dayton Area Chamber led the charge against Issue 3, forming the Dayton Regional Employers Against Marijuana (DREAM) Coalition in early August 2015. DREAM began with eight strategic partners, and quickly grew to more than 25 members.

  Although the proponents of Issue 3 had access to millions of dollars to push their agenda, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and the DREAM Coalition fought back with limited resources, speaking to interested citizen groups, town halls forums, and purchasing billboard ads and radio advertising in the Dayton market. All the funds used for these efforts came from direct donations from concerned businesses, organizations and private citizens.

  Most recent polls of Chamber members showed that more than 85% of respondents were opposed to State Issue 3. Employers expressed concerns over workplace safety, litigation risk, and their ability to find a proper workforce.

  “If we as a state had been saddled with an open-ended marijuana monopoly, it would have set Ohio’s business development and workforce back years, if not decades. We need a skilled and ready workforce to compete and don’t need to be hamstrung by more workers who can’t pass a simple drug screening test for employment,” Parker said. 

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